launches subscription service for personal care and daily products

Dutch e-tailer, known for selling accessories and luxury jewelry, in addition to books and CDs, has launched Bespaar Continu (Save Continuously), a subscription service for personal care and daily products, such as hair products, diapers, toiletries and even cat food. website - Photo: Archive

Customers can choose products they would to receive from the range, which offers 15 million items, via the e-tailer’s app. From there they can also decide how often they want to receive them: monthly, twice a month, or another monthly frequency. will remind its customers when the next order is scheduled, at which point the customer can decide whether or not he or she wants to receive the order. For each order, customers get a fixed discount compared to the normal product price.

With Bespaar Continu aims to further optimize its online shopping according to consumer needs: “We see that more and more customers come back to us for repetitive purchases. With the new and unique concept to the Netherlands and Belgium, Bespaar Continu, we want to support customers even better. This in combination with price advantage, an important factor in the purchase of daily products... We expect that this will lead to a change in consumer behavior,” the brand said.

After the experience of app users is tested, the service will arrive on the main website. 

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