Gillette Venus targets face and bikini with new hair removal products

Gillette Venus is launching a trio of new hair removal solutions for women -- targeting the entire body, from head to toe.

The new collection includes the "Venus Face Perfection," a battery powered epilator for the chin, upper lip, forehead and eyebrows that claims to remove unwanted hair for up to four weeks. There is also a "Venus Bikini Precision" -- a pen-like device for the trimming and styling of bikini hair -- and a "Venus Platinum Extra Smooth," a new 5-blade razor.

Gillette has teamed up with Cassie De Pecol, the first woman on record to travel to every sovereign nation in the world, to celebrate the launch. Announcing the news on Instagram, De Pecol wrote: "I use Venus razors when I travel and train so that I can feel resilient and ready to take on whatever the day might bring; whether it be lifting, IM training or traveling!"

"We know through talking to women all over the world that even something as small as having smooth skin can really help give that extra boost of confidence," says Anthony van Dijk, Associate Brand Director, North America Gillette Venus.

The launch is the latest indication that the humble razor is getting an upgrade -- earlier this year, beauty brand Schick unveiled the "Intuition f.a.b." -- a "bidirectional" that lets users change direction mid-stroke.

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