Kering Eyewear joins forces with Bio-on to develop sustainable eyeglasses

Kering Eyewear is working with Italian company Bio-on on new plastic materials, to be used for the creation of eco-sustainable eyeglasses. The two partners have now finalised an agreement, according to a press release issued by Bio-on, a specialist in bio-plastics founded by Marco Astorri in Bologna in 2007 and listed on the stock exchange. The objective is the development of new, innovative and sustainable plastic materials for the fabrication of eco-friendly eyeglasses.

The Kering headquarters in Paris - Kering

"For the first time ever, an eyewear corporation has decided to engage in a research project using our proprietary bio-polymers," said Marco Astorri, CEO of Bio-on. He is proud of the collaboration, one which "marks the start of a new era in the eyewear world."

The research will be focused on Minerv PHAs, a natural plastic material which is 100% bio-degradable. The press release said that "specialists from the two companies will work together on the research, certification and market launch of new, eco-sustainable materials, to be used in conjunction with cellulose acetate, one of the types of plastic most widely used for the production of a large number of eyeglasses currently available on the market."

Kering Eyewear's new initiative is a further example of the French luxury group's engagement at all levels in favour of the environment and of sustainability in business.


Translated by Nicola Mira

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