Majority of middle-aged women say their hair influences how they feel about themselves

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the power of a good hair day is second to none. And it seems that the majority of middle-aged women agree.

The survey found that middle-aged women's top three hair priorities are 'strengthening', 'taming frizz' and 'protecting hair colour'. - Photo: AFP

A new survey by haircare brand HairRx, titled the "HairRx Middle-Age Hair Care Report," has found that almost 80% of women aged 30-60 admit their personal outlook is influenced by their hair. But while 32% of those surveyed said they adore their hair, the majority (68%) said they are only happy with their crowning glory sometimes, or wished they had someone else's hair altogether. Despite this statistic, 58% spend just 0-15 minutes per day on their tresses.

The link between a good hair day and a positive outlook was also exposed in the report, with 39% of the women surveyed saying that they rely on their hair to make them feel prettier, and 37% admitting that great hair can make them feel more confident. Only 21% said that their hair does not affect their mood.

When asked about their ‘hair goals', the top three factors that women work on emerged as ‘strengthening', ‘taming frizz' and ‘protecting hair color,' which each gained 14% of the vote. Hydration is also a big issue, with 13% of respondents aiming to reduce dryness, and 12% most concerned with increasing volume. Some 83% were in agreement that when it comes to choosing shampoos and conditioners, scent is something that they take into consideration.

The news comes just months after a similar report by Dove Men found that men are also very attached to their hair, proving that bad hair days are a problem faced by both sexes. According to the 'Dove Men+Care 2017 Men's Hair Census', eight out of 10 men in the US see their crowning glory as a reflection of their personal style, and as something that helps them look both masculine and professional. Six out of 10 wish they had healthier-looking hair, while one out of five men even admitted to feeling jealous of a friend's hair.

The ‘HairRx Middle-Age Hair Care Report' involved 1,000 women from across the US.

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