Nike rated best brand for social traffic strategy

Which brand knows the most about getting big traffic across social media? The expert social media traffic site Semrush claim Nike – which they announced on Facebook, their own social media fave.

Bella Hadid / Cortez - Nike

Semrush recently conducted a study of all retail social media platforms. They cited Nike as a great example of being top of their game with effective marketing strategies, making wise efforts on specifically chosen multiple platforms for their particular customer.
Nike’s popular YouTube videos, according to the study, “evoke emotion, are thought provoking, and always deliver a clear message to the viewer. Nike has a clear goal - to increase sales of their products - but their strategy met several goals at once." For example, Nike sponsored a long-distance running megaphone named #Breaking2, a 2014 marketing campaign supporting a long-distance marathon sponsored by Nike.

Its premise: that an athlete could run the marathon distance is less than 2 hours. This means competitive runners would have to learn about new running shoe innovations that could speed them up. In the end, three athletes competed for the title of the fastest marathon runner in the world; none of them made it - but the campaign was a total home run.
Another lesson to be learned from Nike: the brand cover the specific social networks their target audience goes on. Nike promoted their event on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, where their customers linger. This helped create a fully engaged audience for the event.

And it doesn’t hurt that Nike just entered into a partnership with Grammy winning Kendrick Lamar, helping to curtail his former partnership with Reebok. 

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