Stella McCartney unveils new fragrance 'Stella Peony'

Fans of Stella McCartney's discontinued ‘Stella in Two Peony' fragrance will be delighted to learn that the scent is making a comeback in a reworked form.

The luxury fashion and beauty brand has a new perfume set for release on November 13, titled ‘Stella Peony'. Created in partnership with perfume licensee Coty Inc., the new scent reportedly features top notes of mandarin, freesia and lotus flower, middle notes of pink peony and geranium, and base notes of amber and patchouli.

In an interview with WWD, McCartney said the new fragrance was in response to fans of ‘Stella in Two Peony', which was discontinued in 2011. She told the publication: "I get asked all the time: ‘Where did it go? Why can't I get it anymore?' It's really a direct response to people wanting it and asking me about it, which triggered me thinking: ‘Why not?' It just seemed like a no-brainer to bring it back."

The British fashion designer teamed up with her sister, the photographer Mary McCartney, on the campaign for the new fragrance, which stars US model Arizona Muse. The McCartney sisters have been teasing the results on Instagram, with Stella dropping a hint over the weekend when she uploaded a video clip of a pink peony to her page, captioning it: "Watch this space. There's something coming...", before revealing the pink bottle in the hand of Arizona Muse in a Monday post.

‘Stella in Two Peony' launches exclusively in Stella McCartney stores and on on November 13, before being rolled out in the US via Sephora for November 27 and going worldwide on January 6, 2018.

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