John Galliano - Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (with itw)

Throughout the seasons, Bill Gaytten continues his work on the reinterpretation of the suit, the true signature of the Galliano label. Outfits are pinched at the waist and the majority are realized in a palette of dark tones following one another.Several abstract floral prints personalize the looks. Short sleeves and large jackets refer to the Japanese kimono. Pencil skirts with plunging drapes on the side are teamed with little short belted jackets. The appearance is that of a dominant woman, with hats by milliner Stephen Jones.

Music from fashion show

Bill Gaytten : I like confident women and I like seductive women but I don't like simpering, sex dolls. I don't really like it when women have to find their sense of identity through appealing to a man, I quite like independent women, can be attractive but strong.

I've always like Japan, I studied architecture at first and I like modernism and modernism in the west come from a sense of Japan in the 19th century so it's always a reference in my work.

I like strong women and I think it's a tendance of the moment anywhere, I think fashion is in that area, I certainly don't think fashion is sex kitten or anything of the moment and I don't think it should be, it's not my cup of tea as they say.

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