Acne Studios Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Paris (with interview)

At the Grand Palais, the Acne Studio collection devised by Jonny Johansson is a musical sensation. The whiteness of summer is present across every shape from shorts, to blouses, to perforated leather and knitwear. Oversized jumpers are found frequently throughout the collection, creating an ultra laid-back look.
There are thick white soles on the shoes -one of Acne’s signatures- and the palette of the collection is dominated by white, marine blue and black. As always, the label translates their city style onto the basic pieces of today.


Jonny Johansson:

I come from a functionalistic background so in Sweden it is very much about being functionalistic so I wanted to it to be pure and really straight forward this time and not complicated. I played with a very common theme in Sweden; Stockholm is built on 16 islands so there is a lot of water and everyone spends a lot of time out in the sea and so I had this naval idea. It’s a very generic theme but I was thinking that I could give something to this and therefore I was also thinking about music. The guy who was singing at the start of the presentation was singing this song I used as inspiration and it’s about the power of the sea and it’s about the sea surrounding the human body.

Music from the show

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