Acne Studios - Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in Paris (with itw)

Acne Studio’s Autumn/winter collection concentrates on rolled up wraps, both with and without sleeves. The influence of wildlife was especially noticeable through the range of black and white zebra stripes, which together with the tribal colours, oversized jewellery, hooped earrings and flat necklaces all conjured up an image of Africa. Mesh, a very on trend material, was also seen in the collection, in skirts and dresses that had been cut on the bias, and was paired with leather which featured heavily in the collection. Laced shoes with reinforced soles were inspired by those worn by manual workers. Interview :Jonny Johansson:I had this idea of the boy meets the lady so you saw some work wear boys shorts, and then the parkas, and then the contradiction would be the tweeds and the wools, the sort of traditional women’s wear from the 50’s.There is a big, big focus on outer wear obviously this season, I’ve been feeling knitwear a lot and we have started to explore that. It’s very technical, difficult, piecey, but I think it’s really fun. I had a bit of a tribal moment regarding the jewellery and also regarding the colour a bit. I had a collection of Afrikana, as we call it in Sweden, it’s the tribal jewellery from the 20’s ... it’s sort of the start of fashion in a weird way. Leather is also something we’ve done for a long long time, it’s something that is also very important as a material as it’s a natural material and it’s a good combination with the denim that we always work with.Music from the fashion show

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