Acne Studios - Collection spring/summer 2015 in Paris (with interviews)

Jonny Johansson, creative director and co-founder of Acne Studios, decides for spring-summer 2015 to propose a wardrobe dedicated to all moments in life: business, leisure, sportswear, the beach, travelling, and nights out. A young attitude, with a collection rich in offerings: t-shirts, printed silk skirts, trouser suits and shorts, a mini suit dress with a deep V neck, and leather (one of the trademarks of the brand) We loved the high mules and patent heels created the designer who is a big fan of shoes. Interview: Jonny Johansson: I was very interested in approaching two words, one was sex and another was luxury, because I’m really interested in young kids approaching this subject, and I wanted to have our take on that. There are a lot of fluid fabrics that I wanted and very easy, comfortable, and fast look. I want to portray a really strong woman, and leather is this really ultra masculine fabric, (yeah it’s not a fabric but material)Music from the show

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