Acne Studio- Fashion Show Ready to Wear Spring-Summer 2016 in Paris (with interview)

The Acne Studio girls have got the look. One piece is enough to get noticed. Jonny Johansson has really got it. The jacket with a squared texture and colour inlay can be worn alone. The sweater is not quite finished off; the sleeves and the edges are holey and have hanging threads. The creative director translates through his own way, all the musicians in the world that have inspired him. Velvet skirts and dresses are a nod to the cover guitarist, just like the shoulder straps found in the form of braces to hold up dresses or as a belt of a kimono style coat. As for electric guitars, they are shown as hanging broaches, embroidered on the outfits. Please note: new sneaker- boots and "lightning bolt" sunglasses.Interview from: Mélanie ThierryI found it completely conceptual, completely extraordinary, he’s not afraid of anything. I thought that the start was beautiful with the girls with shaved heads, it was all beautiful, there was a rather charismatic thing about it which I enjoyed.It's going very well for the Swedish but it’s also going well for the Parisians!Music of the show

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