Acne Studios - MENSWEAR collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris

Designer: Jonny JohanssonLocation: Charlemagne High School, Paris. In an empty room, in the form as a happening presentation, the models move dragging their school chairs, executing it like a choreography.Inspiration: Sweden in summer: quiet, romantic, rainy. Holiday memories in a tent...Silhouette: the trousers un-zip just like the parkas - capes with hoods. The poplin shirts become waterproof by being plasticised, exactly like the silk anorakThe shorts or the bathing costume in knit is accompanied by its cardiganFocus on: the waterproof effect also on the rubberised shoes + Marcel style tops in coloured knitMusic of the show, do not reuse for more than 7 days after the show

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions