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Alexis Mabille Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Paris (with interview)

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We have a glimpse of rosie the riveter at the alexis mabille collection, which fantasizes about vargas’ pin-ups. he brings a certain masculinity borrowed from the world of cowboys. an ultra sexy heroine, wearing feminine lingerie that can be glimpsed beneath masculine, open shirts or jackets constellated with crystals. in frilled dresses, a tank-top or cargo trousers, the mabille woman exudes femininity whilst being a total tomboy! alexis mabille: i really wanted to deal with the idea of the pin-up girl but in a masculine way, really tomboyish, with a slightly rude attitude but with perfect make-up, perfect hair that has been slightly messed up also but with a perfect manicure, spotless lips, perfect eyebrows, with wonderful lingerie worn beneath, so everything is open to reveal the lingerie which i designed with the help of my good friend, dita van teese and there’s just a hint of femininity, and i wanted her to be present in the collection seeing as she is an icon in los angeles but there are glimpses of her in this collection and it is very much a desire for the chest, the hips, of girls who exude sexuality. we are here to please, and to make people want to go further and there is a lesson on how to dress, with a man’s shirt open any old way, but it’s slightly complicated to incorporate this aspect into a shirt; what to put it with, how to mix colours and there is liberty also but we have included a many western traits in the collection. music from the show