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Alexis Mabille - Haute Couture Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2015 in Paris with interview

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The last show of the day was in the mona bismarck foundation for the couture collection by alexis mabille. the designer puts the woman’s figure as the focus through sublime evening dresses. the waist, the hips and the décolletages attract all the attention. the lingerie spirit gives a sensuality to a dress with a corset half open, whilst a smoking jacket in night blue sequins worn over a skin tight body embroidered with hawthorn branches reinterprets this classic piece with glamour.the floral embroideries in 3d, and the dazzling colours give an energy and a true character to this sculptural wardrobe. with a wink, the emblematic bow by the designer is offered in an xxl version on the front of an evening dress in off-white crepe, closing the collection with elegance. interview: alexis mabille: my job is to dress women, and really to highlight those girls who have boobs, and hips to put sparkle in the right place, putting detail around the neck, a line of colours, something which the eye is drawn to.i’ve always mixed this lightness of lingerie, and the fuss, with something much more like the tuxedo, more tailored, or even the soft tailoring, which is difficult to make, as i played with superpositions, we don’t realise that for example the tuxedo kimono with poppies, is in fact appliquéd chiffon over sequins, that afterwards is entirely embroidered.in fact there’s really this idea to start with florals, but with drama and it’s much more venomous, more so than the romantic-soft side of a flower, they’re flowers, but you can call them… carnivores! music from the show