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Stéphane Rolland - Show Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in Paris (with interview)

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Designer: stéphane rollandplace: radio france and its philharmonic hall with 6 live percussionistscollection: a theatrical silk road plays with drapery and volumes. two key words in this collection: ergonomic and opulence. the materials are rich and sensory. the silhouette is delicately sensual.focus on: wide silk pajama-jumpsuits, a vicuna suit, a rolled waist-dress, a tobacco-coloured mohair maxi coat embroidered with mother-of-pearl or a crystal-embellished suede sweater. the legs are lined with suede and embroidered with adornment like a tattoo.note: a jewelled bag made by the glove master philippe martial, you can wear as a belt and exceptional jewellery signed boghossian.with interview of stéphane rolland.i know we've worked very hard on this show because it's more than a show, because there are lot of different artists and it's been so stressful and wonderful to put together and collaborate with musicians, as wonderful as the radio france orchestra is, which usually performs all over the world and has managed to make itself available, it's a gift.i worked a lot of on generous volumes, we are beyond sculpture, we are here in drapery. you know when you’re in the desert, and you drape yourself, to protect yourself from the cold. and at the same time we have these jodhpurs that are very tight. these were all these images in my head, from the silk road, from asia, through europe, eastern europe to the middle east, and the whole mix, because in fact what this collection tells us is nomadism because we are all nomads today.graphics is written in my genes so everything is architectural, it will be eternal, but it’s always a balancing act, and to try to find the details that will make the difference.music from the show (only for use in this report, under cover of the right to information)